Mission and Introduction

Mission Statement

The mission of the AIA Weekend Islamic School is to provide excellent Islamic education to the children. It is our goal to conduct such educational and social activities that children would love to come to the School. They will not just get the Islamic education at the school but will also have social and sports activities and a chance to make friendship with Muslim children. They will be exposed to Islamic environment which will help them to maintain their Muslim identity.


The School has a very competent group of teachers who spend several hours to prepare lesson plans, assignments, tests, etc. It also has a dedicated group of volunteers to help children in carrying out social and sports activities.

The School is open to children 5 to 18 years old. The school year starts in the second week of September and ends in the third week of May. The classes are held on Sundays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. with a half an hour lunch break from 12:00 to 12:30 pm. There is an optional “Quran Reading” class before school hours for those students who need extra help to improve reading Quran with proper Tajweed. It is held in a group setting but individual attention is also given to students starting with the Arabic alphabet, joining letters together and all the way up to learning Tajweed rules.

Lunch is provided by the School. The School has a volunteer group of dedicated lunch moms who serve lunch to the children and staff members and keep the area clean. Dhuhr prayers are held at 1:40 pm and all the students are required to attend the prayers.

Included in the curriculum is a requirement that all students by the age of 9 years know how to perform daily Salah (prayers), besides learning all aspects of a Muslim’s beliefs and practices. Also included is exposure for the older students to Community Service projects and Interfaith interactions to prepare the students as they eventually transition into college life and beyond.

The School’s mission, goals and objectives is to strengthen Muslim identity of our students, most of whom attend public schools. The School seeks to nurture, educate and provide a safe learning place for its students so that:

  • They feel the confidence within themselves to live as Muslims and God-conscious citizens of the United States who contribute and engage fully in society with excellent morals, manners and character.
  • They also become ambassadors and good examples of the beautiful religion of Islam to their fellow-citizens, both in words and in deeds, insha-Allah (God-willing).

Class Structure

The following classification is based on age group. However, students might be placed in other classes depending upon their present knowledge and abilities. Teacher’s recommendations and parents’ input would be very critical in this matter, but the Principal will make the final decision.
2016-2017 AIA Weekend School – Students Classification
Class Age
Kindergarten No Kindergarten Class this year
Elementary Ages 5 – 6 yrs (KG students of last year and all new 5 & 6 yrs students)
Level 1 No Level 1 Class this year
Level 2 Ages 7 – 8yrs(Level 1 students of last year and all new 7 & 8 yrs students)
Level 3 No Level 3 Class this year
Level 4 Ages 9 – 10 yrs (Level 3 students of last year and all new 9 & 10 yrs students)
Level 5 No Level 5 Class this year
Level 6 Ages 11 – 12 yrs (Level 5 students of last year and all new 11 & 12 yrs students)
Level 7 No Level 7 Class this year
Level 8 Ages 13 – 14 yrs (Level 7 students of last year and all new 13&14 yrs students)
Level 9 No Level 9 Class this year
Level 10 Ages 15 – 16 yrs (Level 9 students of last year and all new 15&16 yrs students)
Level 11 No Level 11 Class this year
Level 12 Ages 17 – 18 yrs (Level 11 students of last yr and all new 17 & 18 yrs students)
NOTE: Due to shortage of classroom space and number of enrollment in each class, different age group students may be placed together.